About the Phoenix

The Club.

The following is an extract from the 1975 handbook.
“The Newport Phoenix Cycling Club was formed in the summer of 1953 as an off shoot of another Newport Club, The Gwent Cycling Club.
The founder members were:-
Alan Bulley, Peter Brunt, Brian Jones, Cliff and Roy Moss, Gerry Morgan, Ray Reeves, Glyn Thomas and Len Wakefield.
The name Newport Phoenix, suggested by Cliff Moss, was appropriate – a Phoenix is a mythical bird which conscious of its pending doom, built its own funeral pyre which it fanned into flame with its wings. From the remaining ashes arose a new bird and the upheaval in the Gwent Club which led to the formation of the club, can be said to have been fiery in its intensity.
One of the club’s first action was to establish the first inter-club event. It was between the Redmond, Dean Forest and the Phoenix clubs and held at Sutton Benger and known as the Vintage 25. The Vintage Tankard, presented by Ray Reeves is now one of our most prized possessions.
When less than two years old the club was shocked by the loss of one of its founder members, Len Wakefield, who died at the age of 24. A memorial trophy was purchased to perpetuate his memory and is competed for annually in our open 25.
On the 19th September 1970, Gordon Thornton became the first club rider to beat 60 minutes for 25 miles with a time of 59.38 and on July 23rd 1972 the same rider became the first club member to beat 2 hours for 50 miles with a time of 1.59.13.”

The present:-
In recent years the Redmond club based in London has withdrawn from the Vintage 25 and so it was agreed that another club be invited to participate. The Ross RC was invited and now the Vintage takes place every year, traditionally the first Sunday in October, and based on alternate courses.